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Welcome to Ring-Pen® Ireland -User Manual


Thank you for deciding to purchase the No Grip Ring-Pen by Grandee Corporation. Ring Pen won a lot of awards, is recommended by numerous World Health Care Organizations and helps to write for a lot of people all over the World. This pen is designed to provide a writing utensil which requires no or very minimal gripping force. Most pens attempt to accommodate individuals who have difficulty maintaining sufficient gripping force by increasing the gripping surface. The result is a bulky pen with a fat barrel which does not provide a smooth, clean and accurate writing action.

The No Grip Ring-Pen redesigns the conventional cylindrical pen, eliminating the need for any gripping force, and allows the user to write in a more neutral, natural comfortable hand posture. This removes the causes of fatigue, strain, cramping and pain from writing. Children just learning writing techniques, university students who have to take huge volumes of notes in lectures, people suffering from arthritis or other conditions affecting the hand, everyone who writes regularly – all will benefit from this revolutionary new design.




How to Use the No Grip Ring-Pen Properly:

Insert the finger into the pen's hole, providing ridged support on the tip of your index finger and the base in the hollow, as close as possible to the palm (point A). Note: Do not put the cap on the upper end of pen while writing - it disturbs precise balancing of the pen.

When writing, do no grip the pen tightly, just lightly guide and glide the tip of the pen with your fingers, getting support at point A.

point a

If you hold the pen properly, you don’t even need to use the middle finger, writing only with thumb and index finger. This makes it impossible to cause blisters or calluses on the middle finger.
IMPORTANT: It may take a little time for you to adjust to the Ring-Pen because for years, you have been gripping the pen with three fingers. The most important thing to practice is relaxing your fingers.