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"Children should be exposed to the hand position best suited to relaxed writing by the use of the RING PEN at the start of their writing experience. An incorrect writing position will prove a burden to children as it can and does cause sore fingers, stiff wrists and even tired and fatigued hands. Prolonged poor hand writing positions slow up writing as the hand quickly tires. Children with poor writing positions do badly at examinations, and don't enjoy writing at all, which can seriously affect their choice of careers. The RING PEN can ONLY be used in the most relaxed and correct writing position. Dont leave your child's writing enjoyment and skills to chance!

I have already placed the 'presentation' Ring Pen in our showcase of instruments in our Microsurgery Center, which gets lots of visitors, and it gets a lot of interest.

One of the pens you provided is being tested with a young girl with a writing problem at school where she was not noticed to have a real writing difficulty due to poor hand pen holding technique until the later school years and intensive study caused severe pains and distress.

There is no doubt that the idea is First Class, its Practical, it Works, and the idea has many other uses, not the least is in the field of Surgery.

My patients and I can recommend the Ring Pen as an easy to use help to arthritics and other finger disabled people who cannot grip a normal pen without difficulty or pain. The design is simplicity itself, and makes writing for long periods accessible again for those with multiple finger problems

… I am testing everyone who walks into my rooms to see how universal is the acceptance of the Ring Pen whether they need one or not. The good news is that EVERYONE who slips the Ring Pen over their finger and holds it remarks on what a good idea it is, and that they would buy one or more if they had a writing problem, or as a present for someone who had".

Professor Earl Owen, Australia
A.O., M.B., B.S. (Uni of Syd), M.D.(Lyon), D.Sc, P.I.C.S., F.R.A.C.S., F.R.C.S.E., F.R.C.S.
World's First Scientific Successful Hand Transplant: Professor Owen led the first hand transplantation team in Lyon France, September 1998. Seen below in six month follow up April 1999. At one year follow up, Clint Hallam uses his hand in daily life, can feel all fingertips and, would you believe, rides a motorbike!

Professor Earl Owen was elected the World President of the International College of Surgeons (headquarters in Chicago, USA, with Fellows in 110 countries) a very busy position commenced in 1996. He is Professor at Macquarie University in Sydney. He has been Medical Director of the Microsearch Foundation of Australia since its beginning in 1973 and the expanded MICROSEARCH building houses the Institute of Medical Sciences of both the University and the International College of Surgeons, and is home to the Sydney Microsurgery Centre. )